VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam 2560x1440P Quad HD+ Car Dash Camera, Ultra Clear Night Vision, 140-Degree Wide Angle, GPS Included, Buffered Parking Mode, True HDR, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Time Lapse


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VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam 2560x1440P Quad HD+ Car Dash Camera, Ultra Clear Night Vision, 140-Degree Wide Angle, GPS Included, Buffered Parking Mode, True HDR, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Time Lapse Description

The latest version among A119 series. Quad HD+ 2560*1600P Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor Buffered Parking Mode F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens Support HK3 ACC Hardwire cable through GPS module 2.0 inch HD LCD Display 140° Wide Viewing Angle GPS Logger (Optional) G-Sensor & Motion Detection Supported Parking Mode Supported Quick Release Mount Circular Polarizing Lens Filter (Optional, Not Included) Support Micro SD Card Class 10 up to 256GB Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. QUAD HD+ RECORDING: Featuring an entirely new chipset design & Sony sensor to support Quad HD+ recording in 2560 x 1600P / 2560 x 1440P at 30fps to create high quality, vivid and detailed images in various lighting environments. SONY 5MP STARVIS SENSOR: Experience the new Sony Starvis 5MP technology with detailed, brighter and crystal-clear images captured in day-or-night time lighting for super clear and consistent night vision. MOTION & COLLISION DETECTION: Using the camera’s G-Sensor and State-of-the-Art motion detection technology, video footage is now intelligently captured in parking mode when moving objects and/or impacts are detected while the vehicle is parked. Files are flagged as important and protected onto the SD card for review. PRE & POST BUFFERED RECORDING: Capture the whole story of the events leading up to and after events or collisions with intelligent recording technology that automatically saves footage both 15-seconds before and 30-seconds after a detected collision and/or event. Thought i’d write a review as a verified purchaser. I previously owned the Aukey 1080p, Aukey 4k(horrible) the Viofo v2, and now this camera. It’s a great all around cam, even at 30fps pausing video frame by frame you can see license plates clearly depending on the lighting, it is a bit tougher at night depending on the angle of the car due to a little fuzziness, but otherwise the quality is good.I’d just like to clarify this is 1600p, and not a 4k cam. So it’s just a notch above 1440p and will only register as 1440p on YouTube for example, it does not suffer from blurry video in extreme heat like Aukey products.The glare is pretty bad, but that’s due to my windshield and the polarizer fixed that issue, it did take away a bit of light from the camera but it makes up for the glare being gone.Cons are: Video audio is a bit low, but the v2 has the same issue, also the GPS is not backwards compatible with the v2 model. I spent a lot of time watching reviews on Dash Cameras before I decided to purchase the Viofo A119. The Viofo A119 got a lot of good reviews but it was always the caveat that it was extremely basic on features but the price was awesome.I didn’t need all the features, nor want to pay for a “premium” dashcam to get parking mode, lane departure, and wifi but was concerned about its video quality when all the new dash cams are supposedly 4k. I struggled and was tempted to purchase a higher resolution dashcam but realized that I just wanted a very simple, small, and reliable dashcam that I can place in my car and forget about it. After receiving the Viofo, I was extremely pleased (impressed) with the video quality where it made me think to myself…”wow, why did it take me so long to buy this thing”. I like that it has a capacitor instead of a battery so it should be able to handle the heat during the California summers in LA and haven’t had any issues so far.Here are some extremely minor “wish list” items that I would like to see them incorporate:1. I think the shape of the dashcam without GPS is perfect. Regardless, it’s easy to place on the windshield but just don’t care for the added depth with the GPS sensor added to it. I would have preferred that it was integrated and just made a little wider.2. The mini-sd card is sometimes hard to get back in the dashcam and can’t seem to figure it out but that is probably more of a “me” issue.3. I was pleased that it came with a very long power cable and cigarette lighter but would have preferred a newer style USB-c plug. Just being a little selfish, as I could have used it for other peripherals and it’s much easier to plugging it in.If you are contemplating whether you want to spend $100 or $300+, I would say…try this one first and be surprised!I already bought one for my buddy for a gift and plan on getting another one for my wife’s car.Glenn Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The camera worked for about 4 weeks, then a weird flickering appeared in low light conditions. You can see it in the attached video.Two weeks ago I reached support at support.viofo.com (the dashcam producer) , sent them a few video samples with the flickering and strange horizontal stripes. After 2 weeks with a few messages went back and forth the support still does not make any sense of what the problem is.They recommended me to take HDR off (which already was), to get a faster SD card (which was already fast), to update firmware version (which I did, but nothing changed). Today I got new advice from them that in “order to be able to watch my videos I needed to use VLC or MPC, because they had no problems with watching them in those players”. This is getting ridiculous!UPDATE: Support at BlackboxMyCar US (the seller), took the faulty camera for a test, confirmed that there was an issue, and sent me a replacement, all within couple days. I definitely recommend reaching out the seller first. I thought I had a problem setting the menu. When I hooked up the camera to my laptop, I kept getting an icon that looked like I needed to have it plugged into the GPS module that was stuck to the windshield. A call to OCD helped fix that. I needed to use a different hookup with the small wire provided directly into an AC source. The computer USB plug would not power up the camera. May only happen on some laptops.With that corrected, the camera does a fine job and menu settings are very easy.I’ve also been able to detach the GPS module before selling the vehicle. Loosen first using string or dental floss under the adhesive pad. Then I took a wide lock type pliers and twisted the GPS module carefully back and forth, making sure not to come in contact with the glass windshield. It came off easily with all the adhesive. Got this product after watching reviews on YouTube. Read the manual, installed it using the ac adapter it comes with. It worked great for about 6 days then it just stopped working. Wouldnt turn on automatically like it’s supposed to. It wouldnt turn on if I held the power button down and it wouldnt turn on if I plugged it into a computer either. I looked it up online and several other people have had this problem. So I called amazon and they were nice enough to send me a replacement. However the end one worked less time then the first. I used the new ac adapter and the new cable just incase it was a faulty wire or power supply but same problem. Worked great for less than a day. No power warnings. No “alerts” at all. Then when I was driving home last night just stopped working. Definitely steer clear of this dash cam. The Viofo A119 is simple to install and great build quality. The camera is easily small enough to hide completely behind your rear vision mirror’s blind spot. With the ability to set a 1 second screen saver delay it’s almost completely invisible day and night.

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