VIOFO HK3 Acc 3-Wire Hardwire Cable 4 Meters for Parking Mode for A129 / A119 V3 Dash Cam


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VIOFO HK3 Acc 3-Wire Hardwire Cable 4 Meters for Parking Mode for A129 / A119 V3 Dash Cam Description

Adjustable voltage low voltage protection function, it will cut power to your dash camera when detect the vehicle battery voltage is below the set number. It has four voltage options 11.8V, 12V, 12.2V, 12.4V With ACC detection feature, dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine off, and switch back to normal recording after vehicle engine on. Support three parking recording modes, auto event detection, time lapse and low bitrate recording, you can choose one of them. The red battery cable should be connected to constant power. The ACC yellow cable should be connected to ignition. The Ground cable should be connected to vehicle body. Note: You need to prepare 2pcs fuse tap to work with the hardwire cable. This cable comes with no fuse jumper wires. I missed to see that in the product description, so my that’s exclusively my fault. But that already got me in a bad mood as I had to order them, wait for them to come and open the column, etc. covers which is a pain in the ass. Also, I got worked up over the fact that some other hardwires of similar price come with jumper wires but I said to myself this is Viofo’s cable so it’s better not to risk.After losing a week or so, I was all set and I connected everything together just to figure out this cable doesn’t provide power to the camera. I tried every single possible combination of wiring I could think of (and lost a couple of hours doing so). My camera, A129 Duo is working just fine if powered to either the base/mount or directly from the lighter power supply but wither of those two will work with this cable. I tried so many fuses, double and triple checked which ones are live when the car is off, swapped ACC and BATTERY cables to make sure they didn’t switch them in the factory by mistake, etc. In desperation I even tried changing voltage cutoff between 11.8 and 12.4V although that should not affect direct power supply to the camera when the car is running. Everything in the car is working except for this cable. I wasted half a dozen of jumper cables trying different things to make this work.So now I have to return this and wait again. I’m well above $200 now and I still have ugly cable dangling from my mirror AND I have another covers removal and time loss to look forward to. The worst thing is, I don’t know which hardwire to go with now if Viofo’s own cable doesn’t work. Don’t trust this thing. Killed my battery. Absolutely have it wired correctly on an acc only fuse tested with a multimeter. Didn’t drive my vehicle for a few days and it killed my batteries completely while set to a 12.2V cutoff. I have a jeep with stop start and it has two batteries. It took them both out. Dead as dead could be. Couldn’t jumpstart it or anything. They’re inside the cabin so they need to be AGM. Cost me over $250 bucks and a massive headache to get new ones without a running vehicle and replace them. Guess I just dumped all this money on a higher end cam to not have parking mode. And to have to dump more to replace expensive batteries in a 2 year old vehicle.Neat. This item is much easier to get here than ordering from Viofo, which seems to ship directly out of China. Cords and wires are more than long enough to reach where they need to go and of ample thickness. Hard wiring is much better than having a cord dangling from the camera to lighter, and now it can record while the car is parked in case anything happens. The cable quality is fineCons: no connectors for the fuse, we should buy them seperately.The mini port is connected to wire with a L loop which will make difficult when used to connect the camera that attached through a suction. A straight cable connected to mini port would be helpful. Hello!A week ago I got a Viofo 129 duo DVR with cable to connect.I went to a special laboratory where recorders are installed.Everything worked well. Today the car did not start, because the battery was discharged. I had to wait 2 hours for help. They said the recorder discharged the battery. How can you help me? it does as advertised i guess, i drive daily so my battery is always topped off. parking mode works and all that. the cables a bit thick dunno if thats a good thing or not. I chose to have a pro install, but with patience it can be DIY. This will allow me to use the parking mode in the dash cam. Also, this monitors the car battery voltage and auto-shuts down the camera when voltage reaches your chosen level. Professional wired this to my car, attaching a Viofo 4K dash cam. Been about 6 weeks now and all good. No issues installing into my VW GTI.

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