Wireless Car Charger, CHGeek 10W Qi Fast Charging Auto Clamping Car Mount Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder for iPhone 11 11 Pro Max Xs MAX XS XR X 8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+ S9+ S8 Note 9, etc


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Wireless Car Charger, CHGeek 10W Qi Fast Charging Auto Clamping Car Mount Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder for iPhone 11 11 Pro Max Xs MAX XS XR X 8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+ S9+ S8 Note 9, etc Description

Read more About CHGeek Focusing on in-vehicle electronic products, CHGeek contributes to fulfill the needs of majority of automotive users. CHGeek provides drivers with the highest quality products and services through the pursuit of technology and strict quality control. Every customer’s satisfaction is our greatest pursuits. CHGeek 2 in 1 Design 10W Qi Fast Charging Wireless Car Charger Auto Clamping Car Mount Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder Faster Wireless Charging【1 * usb c charging cable is included】 ✔ 10W Fast Wireless Charging Model : Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10+/S10e /S9 Plus/S9/S8 Plus/S8/S7/S7 Edge; Note 9/8; LG V30/ V40/ G7, etc ✔ 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Model : iPhone Xs/ Xs Max/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus. ✔ 5W Standard Charging Model: Samsung S6/S6 edge, Note 5 and other Qi-enabled smartphone. Read more Wide Compatibility with Auto Clamping Automatic opening and clamping design can be operated with one hand. Just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and provide a strong stable hold. A gentle touch on any sides of the quick release buttons,the arms would automatically open. The arm clamp can be flexibly adjusted for 4.7 ~ 6.3 inches devices. LED Indicator Light Always keeps your driving safe.Checks whether the connection is successful. When the red light is always on, it is in standby state; When the blue light is always on, it is in normal charging state; When the red light flashes, the foreign matter is detected. Powerful Soft Suction Cup with Push Switch The viscous suction cup + switch uses the pressure principle to exhaust the internal air through pressure, so that the wireless charging and the car window, etc are firmly and closely attached. 1.Strong suction The suction cup is made of PVC and has an area of 33.17 cm², which greatly increases the adsorption force and firmly adheres to the the car window, etc. 2.Remove with no trace Open the switch and pull the wireless car charger mount out to remove it. After removing it, it will not hurt the car window, etc. Support repeated use, after multiple adsorption, it is recommended to clean and dry before use. Rotary Air Outlet Clip Support any air outlet with fan blades. Compared with the traditional spring clips, the rotary air outlet clamp can be firmly fixed on the air conditioner blades of any thickness, and it will not be shaken left and right during driving. Roads that are bumpy roads and sharp turns can also be applied. Adopt flexible silicone material, Non-slip, no injury to the car. Read more The bracket can be extended, and the overall length is up to 18cm after stretching. Adopts a universal spherical design, which can make the holder’s head rotate in all directions according to the individual needs. When the suction cup is fixed, the bracket bearing can rotates within 210 degrees. 1. The wireless car charger 2. usb c charging cable 3. Rotary Air Outlet Clip 4. User Manual Telescopic Bracket 360° Rotating Sphere Flexible bracket The package include Please READ below quick guidance before using 1. Unable to charge/ Slow charge / Charging intermittently: ① Check the Car Charger: Please Plug the cable into QC 3.0 car charger to ensure fast charging; Non-QC car charger, 2.4A car charger or USB Port don’t support fast charging and supply enough power to this device. Package comes with Type C Cable, but Car Cigar Lighter are not included. ② Check if the Phone Case is compatible with wireless charging: Please remove thick, uneven or rugged case,metal ring holder, metal attachments and credit cards for optimal charging. Be sure your phone case is NOT thicker than 4~8mm (0.16 inches) . ③ Be sure the Charging Coil alignment: Please adjust the bottom bracket to make the phone at the wireless charging Inductive center. It will fail to charge if placed improperly. ④ Preventing your phone from overheating: We suggest you close Apps to reduce power consumtion and turn off phone screen during wireless charging. ⑤ Red Light of lower tray means Unable to Charge: 1) Please adjust the telescope tray to align; 2) the case isn’t compatible with wireless charging; 3) plug the cable into the QC3.0 Car Charger. 2. The suction cup won’t stay or be attached to the dash: ① How to ensure strong adsorption of the suction cup? The bottom is washable suction cup and pad. Rinsing and air drying the suction cup and pad after using for a long time can restore their stickiness. We do not recommend to apply the suction cup on leather, wall or filmed glass surfaces as the suction cup is designed with strong viscosity and attraction. ② How to ensure the stability: We suggest you use the STICKY GEL PAD in irregular surface of the dashboard , and then press the suction cup on the pad to ensure the STABILITY. Make Sure Press the Swtich Lock of suction Cup ③ NOTE: The bottom suction cup maybe harden when it is cold. this may affect the sticky function of the sucker, so we suggest you warming up the sucker pad from hot air blowing on it from the vent firstly, then stick it on the dashboard or other surface ④ About the air vent: Only support horizontal and vertical air vent, not support the round air vent. 3. Clamping Arms won’t work: ① Please plug the cable into the QC3.0 car charger to ensure that the motor have enough electricity when you clamp or release the phone, otherwise the clamping arms will not move. ② Battery damage. CHGeek provides 2 year replacement and lifetime technical support. If there’s any questions after receive the package, please feel free to let us know. 【QI-CERTIFICATED WIRELESS CHARGER】Built-in upgraded chip, CHGeek wireless car charger intelligently identify and charges your device with the fastest speed in safe. Support max 10W Fast Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+/S10/S10+/S9/S9+/S8, Max 7.5W Fast Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS Max/XS/X/XR/8/8+, 5W for Other Qi-Enabled Phones.For 10W, 7.5W fast charging mode, QC 3.0 car charger adapter is required as its power source.(1 * usb c charging cable is included in the package) 【AUTOMATIC CLAMPING with RADIAN DESIGN】 With advanced sensors, the wireless car charger make everything easier and safer. Place the phone in the holder and the wireless charger will automatically clamp firmly and charges the device. The release button is placed on both sides of the holder, making it easy to touch and release the phone, whether you are on the left or right 【2 in1 DESIGN】2-IN-1 Design combines the Qi Wireless Charger and a car phone holder, allows for a secure hands-free experience. Keep you away from the tangled locating cords or cables. Cell phone holder is suitable for car Windshield Dashboard Air Vent installation, and makes GPS and phone call more convenient 【FOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION with LED ALARM】When there is a metal substance between the wireless car charger holder and the device, the car charger will stop charging and the red light flashes to alarm. Effectively avoid high temperature metal damage during the wireless charging process to avoid the safety hazard. Effectively avoid the damage of the mobile phone caused by the high temperature of the metal, and play a protective role 【THICK PHONE CASE FRIENDLY】No need to remove your phone case (fits for most of phone cases in the market except rugged, uneven case) while charging.The car holder can hold all phones case with a width of 40-80mm tightly, which works very well for all QI-enabled phones Needed this car mount because my old magnet plate mounts just don’t play nice with qi wireless charging. This mount is very clean looking and holds on strong. It has a nice motorized open/close grip rather than a spring-loaded mechanism and it doesn’t rattle like some other mounts that I’ve had to return. VERY IMPORTANT: one thing that I was surprised to see was that when there’s no input power (i.e. you shut off your car), the mount actually still holds enough power to continue using the motorized open/close mechanism. This is crucial since some other motorized mounts won’t let go of your phone after they’ve lost power; no problem with this mount. USB-C was an unexpectedly nice touch and the cable is included. It actually starts charging my phone before it’s fully seated so I suspect thicker cases will be no problem. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This product by far the best. I love everything about it. Check out the video for yourself if you are curious. My previous one wasn’t as strong as this one. Very sturdy and works even if the car is turned off. Fantastic all-in-one product. They can make it a little better eith some type of cable management because right now it just hanging in front of my touchscreen dashboard. Awesome still! If you understand “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy” then you can run this car charger.It took me a second to interpret the instructions, but I figured it out. There’s a button on the side and a button near the top. You click the bottom button to extend the arms and the top to retract them. Extend the arms, place your phone on the charger, then retract the arms to keep your phone secure. The edges are all soft, so it doesnt hurt your phone.You have the option to either stick it to the dash/ windshield or clip it to a vent. Your decision determines which attachment you use. Both attachments (the dash/windshield one in particular) are really customizable. I love that you can adjust both the length and the angle.We put this in my husband’s car. We opted to use the vent clip version, so I’m not sure about the other one. You can tighten it and it stays really secure. As you can see at the bottom of his phone, it is in fact charging. That’s all I can ask in a car charger, so I’m happy! I bought this to suction on to the windshield on my boat and allow it to hold my phone so I could view a map and charge the phone at the same time.1st day out I went 6 miles offshore in waves that were as high as 8 feet at times in a boat that was only 21 feet. Not my choice. It just happened that way.This device held my phone without missing a beat. My phone has an OtterBox defender case on it. Galaxy S10e. Making it larger than normal. It gripped just fine. And charged right through the case. The suction cup never faltered once.While I did have the suction cup attached to the windshield the lower edge of the phone was supported by the fiberglass in front of the windshield. Regardless. And held tight all day even when the occasional spray of water would come over the windshield. And it continued to charge all the time.I continue to use it on the boat. And I bought a CD for my vehicle that this device matched up with quickly and easily. I use it every day and it’s very secure and charges well. And I have yet to see it develop any substantial heat while charging.And for contrast I bought a Samsung brand desktop wireless charging pad. This device does create heat in my phone and charges much more slowly than the product shown here.This is a very good product. Buy it without hesitation. There are a million phone mounts out there and plenty are subpar. This is not one of those. I have mounts in all my vehicles already but wanted one with inductive charging. It’s a seriously first world problem but when I’m traveling or off-road in my Jeep I take my phone out of the holder often to get out and take pictures. I hate having to plug and unplug the cord every time I do that (even though it’s USB-C and easier to do than MicroUSB). With this inductive mount there’s no cables to mess with. A big factor for me was the USB-C connector on the charger versus MicroUSB like most others. I already have a USB-C cable snaked through my dash so not having to run another cable was a big plus.I have a Note 9 which is a huge phone, plus it’s in an Otterbox Defender case which makes it even more massive. It barely fits into the holder but it does fit. I was worried that it would bounce out on rough roads but I just got back from a off-road trip and it didn’t move. The mount held up as well, holding the heavy phone without moving or the suction cup coming off. Charging worked as expected and I didn’t have to mess with cables the entire time. Very nice!

EASY TO USE This is an Air vent universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic phone mount holder due to its simple and complementary design. Miracase Liquid Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max 6. Highly effective suction outfitted with a suction-cup gel pad that gives robust suction and leaves no residue behind. We only send important info about new product reveals promos. On the road, at the office, at home, everywhere.


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